Journal Entry #24 – Semester Reflection

For my final journal entry I am going to take the opportunity to reflect on some of the things I have learned over the semester. I would say the biggest take away from this semester is that I now have a better understanding of what is meant by educative experience. Before this semester I had only encountered the word ‘educative’ once in my notes and I thought it was a spelling mistake, so I changed educative to educational. I feel like over the course of the semester I have gained a better understanding of what is meant by the word educative and I also understand that educational and educative are two different words.

I recall the first few classes where we had some discussions that were aimed at discussing what the word educative meant. Everyone seemed to have slightly different ideas but nobody seemed to be spot on with their definition. I think my classmates, including myself, were assuming the educational and educative were the same word. Both words sound so similar and I am not sure how many of us have encountered the word before this semester, so I can see where the comparison comes from. Through the various discussions and through further clarification I was able to develop more of an understanding of what differentiates the two words. What i have learned is that one persons idea of what is educative may vary from the next persons definition and that is okay. Although our understandings of the word educative may be different there are some common themes. By the end of the semester many of us seemed to agree that an educative experience is an engaged process that does not have an absolute educational goal in mind. An educative experience can be a very subjective experience because everyone has a slightly different experience and understanding. Educative experiences involve body, mind and soul, and based on my experiences they transcend the classroom into every day life, which makes an educative experience that much more meaningful. Now, your understanding may be different than mine but I think that is part of what makes educative experiences so special.

I think that our understanding of educative experiences were really demonstrated within all of the educative experiences we took part in over the course of the semester. Each experience was different and it was clear that each group worked hard to develop their experiences to be educative for everyone. After talking to my classmates about each of the experiences it was clear that each experience had resonated with them in some way, but that what resonated was different from one person to the next. The educative experiences were a great way for us to understand what is meant by the word educative. It was so unique to be able to take part in everyone’s educative experience and I feel like it also brought a sense of community to the classroom which is not always so common. Going forward into my education I believe I will be reminded of some of the experiences and lessons along the way.


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