Journal Entry #20 – Reflection on Team Sociable E.E.

I am going to take the opportunity to reflect on Team Sociable’s Educative Experience in this entry. So far, this was my favourite EE. I feel like the team put a lot of thought and planning into the EE and that it seemed to play out well.

Team Sociable chose to focus on interdependence and I feel like this theme was translated well throughout the whole experience. I have to admit, I did not excel at this experience and it really made me realize how little I know my own school… Fortunately some of my team mates had better knowledge of the school and some of its quirkier spots. I felt a new appreciation for my school and feel a little let down that i only discovered some of these places towards the later part of my degree. I like how Team Sociable also integrated challenges throughout the experience. I feel like the challenges broke the challenge up nicely and added a fun and interactive element. Surprisingly, my team was the first to complete the tasks/challenges – when I discovered this i felt proud of my team members.

I can say throughout the experience that I really did rely on my team members, the whole process was a collaborative process and we relied on each other to find the different landmarks and clues. The challenges also required team work, the first one we had to support one another to get up and the second one we organized ourselves by shoe size blindfolded. Both challenges required us to communicate openly and rely on the other team mates.

I have to admit that I didn’t really enjoy the laughter yoga component. Parts of it were enjoyable and I experienced some true whole hearted laughter but for some of the other parts where I had to force myself to laugh felt a bit un-genuine to me. I can see the appeal of laughter yoga, but after taking part in it I can confidently say that it is not for me.

All in all, I had a great time taking part in the Educative Experience and I feel like Team Sociable chose an important theme. It can be challenging to rely on others and put your trust in others because it requires a certain degree of trust and open mindedness. I did not find this to be to overwhelming for the experience, but there have been other moments when i find it challenging to rely on others. I think this experience allowed for me to reflect on some of these thoughts and consider how I can challenge myself to rely on others in the future.


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