Journal Entry #16, Reflection

For my second journal entry this week I am going to share some of my thoughts on the discussions we had last class about the different educative experiences and I will also take the chance to reflect on some of my classmates journal entries.

I think that the discussions we took part in last class was a constructive idea. For me, I felt a sense of clarity and cohesion within the class. We all had the chance to take part in a more structured conversation about the different educative experience we have taken part in so far. I feel like these conversations were interesting as it was a chance to hear the perspectives of others. I got a sense that most of the people who were part of my discussion group felt a similar way about the educative experiences. It was nice to hear that people actually have been learning new things from these experiences; whether they were learning about themselves or learning about a new or unfamiliar concept or activity. I feel like the groups that have carried out their educative experiences so far have really put a lot of thought and effort in to make their educative experiences enjoyable for everyone.

After reading some of the reflections about Team Diversity’s experience it seems as if many of us had a similar experience of the activities. Some of my classmates talked about how the card value game was an eye opening activity about how it can feel for a child to be outcast and it seemed as if other people had mixed feelings about turning people away solely based on their card. When people discussed the privilege walk I also found that the thoughts and experiences of my classmates were similar to my own. Some of my classmates mentioned the challenge of channelling the child they were assigned and really trying to place themselves in that child’s shoes. I found myself struggling to do this at times because at times it was difficult to separate some of my own experiences from my perception of my assigned child’s experience. Altogether, I found reading the journal entries to be a similar experience to the discussion we had during our last class. It is always valuable to hear or read about the experiences of others and learn about some of the different ideas, perceptions and experiences.


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