Journal Entry #7, Let Those Creative Juices Flow

Similar to last weeks themes of thinking for yourself and the power of making choices, the theme for this journal entry is creativity. When people think about creativity many people think “oh, to be creative you need to be artsy”, this isn’t always the case. Sure, being artistically talented falls under the spectrum of creativity but there are many other ways to think creatively or have creative ideas that have nothing to do with art. ‘The attached article discusses how creativity is a personal process unique to each person and that creativity does not need to follow a linear progression where you must learn all the necessary skills before the creative process can take place. The article ended by stating that as teachers we need to take part in the creative process as well and not be afraid to stray from the ‘programme’.

In my own educative experiences i can think of many instances where I have been encouraged to “use my creativity” or “think creatively”. There were some instances where I felt challenged but for the most part I never felt too overwhelmed by being asked to think creatively.  I guess you could say that I fell into the typical stereotype of ‘creative student’, as  child I had a very vivid imagination and I am still considered the ‘artsy one’ in my family.

Like the article stresses, creativity is not limited to those who are artistic. I think as educators this is an important point to remember. There are many ways that children, and adults, can express their creativity and  one way of expressing creativity is not ‘better’ than another. I believe that creativity is an essential part of the educative experience and that as teacher we need to widen our scope of what is creative. As educators it is our job to encourage our students to utilize their creativity and express their creativity without feeling discouraged.


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