Journal Entry #4, Educative Experience Reflection

I would like you, this week, to use one of your journal entries to reflect on the group project your group has chosen. Please address the questions: “How does our educative experience line up with my own values as a teacher?” And, “How would I implement a similar aspect of my values in my own chosen grade level?”

As our group went over the process of creating our educative experience it was clear that we all had some slightly different ideas about what constitutes an educative experience. As a group, we discussed our different ideas and we tried to combine some of these ideas to form what we decided would be the basis of our educative experience. We decided to frame our educative experience from the perspective of “seeing the everyday differently”. To build on the concept of seeing the everyday differently,  we also want to challenge our classmates, and ourselves, to push their comfort zones and think outside of the box a bit. I can’t say too much more without giving the project away. Besides, where is the fun in that?

The more I have thought about our groups idea for an educative experience the more I realize that as a future teacher I hope to challenge my prospective students to push their comfort zone and seek the unknown or different in ordinary places. I think that adults and children alike need to explore the boundary that is their comfort zone and cross that boundary into more unknown territory. Sure, we can learn within our comfort zone, but often the lessons that we remember and value most occur when we venture out of our own safety bubbles.

For the grade level I wish to teach, I don’t think our educative experience would be very appropriate as parts of it may be unsafe or too difficult for young children to navigate. I think that encouraging young children to see the everyday differently is not as difficult as it is to have adults see the everyday differently. Children possess such vivid ideas and thoughts and I think that it would be my job to entertain these ideas and thoughts and see where they go. The same goes with children and their comfort zone, I think that most young children do not feel the inhibition most adults feel when it comes to seeking, exploring, and asking. I suppose that I would transmit these values in my class by inviting questions, inquiry, and exploration. It is my hope that I am able to encourage my future students to push their comfort zones and see the everyday differently by inviting time for questions, exploration, and curiosity.


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