Journal Entry #2, Become Infected!

The inspiration for my second journal entry comes from a Ted Talk hosted by Kiran Sethi, where she discusses her experience of helping to empower students to create change and become “infected” with an “I can” attitude. She shares her own experience of being “infected” at the age of 17, with the help of a teacher who believed in her ideas and challenged her. In her talk she goes on to explain how when children are believe “I can” they become aware, enabled and empowered. She shares the experiences of other children who have been “infected” and challenges them to generate one idea and change 1 billion lives within the span of one week. The students featured in the video came up with wonderful ideas that immerse them within their communities and aim to create change.

After viewing this video, I could think of a few potentially educative experiences. But what resonated with me the most was that the students seemed to take pride in becoming involved within their community. I think that becoming involved within your community can be a very educative experience. There are countless ways to become involved in your community and I really liked how in the video the students were empowered to try and create positive change within their communities. Being able to give back and make an effort to improve your community is a great feeling. I work at a community centre and I get to give back to the community and make connections as part of my every day job, and it’s awesome. I help run and organize various programs at the centre, at different schools and out in the community. I would say the various experiences I have had working for the community centre have been very educative. I have had the pleasure of working with a very diverse group of people at my work, and I have encountered many different stories from from the people I have worked with in the community. I have learned a lot more about the community as a whole by getting to know some of the people who call this community home.

I believe that community involvement should be encouraged at an early age as the educative experiences that can be gained through community involvement are valuable. Why not make community involvement part of the classroom curriculum? In the video, I thought it was a great idea that the children were asked about their ideas to give back to the community. It would be quite simple to generate some great ideas and have a discussion about what ideas would be best suited for the needs of the community. By giving back to the community we also become more immersed within the community and that helps to build and strengthen the community further. There are many opportunities for community involvement and the opportunity for educative experiences are vast.


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